Aloo Gobi


It’s August! Where did the summer go? It seems like summer just started, but it’s already almost over…

Since the wedding, life’s been pretty busy. We went to Boston for a few days to see my parents. We chilled out there, watched fireworks on the fourth, and had a banquet for my parents’ friends. Then we headed to Taipei for a bit to see the husband’s side of the family. Did a lot of eating and had another banquet. I dubbed that the international wedding tour.

We’ve been home for a few weeks now. Life continues to be busy here in Madison. This is pretty much the first Saturday we’ve had to ourselves. So I tried cooking the hubby’s favorite Indian dish.

The first time I heard of aloo gobi was from the movie Bend it Like Beckham. The main character learns from her mother how to make this traditional dish. I watched the movie when I was in high school, but I think it wasn’t until I moved here that I actually tried the dish. It never really sounded appealing to me, but I think I tried it at an Indian buffet place one day and discovered that it was good.

I looked up recipes on the internet and decided on this recipe. I sent the hubby outside to play basketball and made this dish to surprise him. I followed the recipe pretty closely, but used ground cumin, ground ginger, and ground coriander instead of cumin seed, fresh ginger, and fresh coriander. I’m not a fan of chomping down on cumin seeds or chunks of ginger, so I think I made a good choice to use ground instead. Otherwise though I followed the instructions pretty closely. I also got to use our new LeCreuset dutch oven that we got for our wedding.

I didn’t really bother taking a good picture of it. Just snapped a quick picture on my phone. I used a rice cooker to make basmati rice and got some naan at the store which I pan-fried in butter and garlic. It wasn’t the best naan I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t awful. All in all we both enjoyed the meal so I’d recommend this recipe.