Wonton Theory, part 1

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Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just disappeared. I don’t mean like getting kidnapped or anything, more like if I just decided to pick up in the middle of the night and run away without telling anyone. I start to wonder a) who would notice and b) of the people who noticed, who would care. I know that I probably come off sounding depressed or something, but it’s something I think about occasionally. Sometimes I sort of wish I could disappear for a while to find out… but most of the time I think I’m probably better off not knowing.

Ok, I’ll talk about something less depressing now. So the wonton theory. I came up with this theory awhile back after making Nutella wontons. It goes like this: anything that tastes good with some form of grain/starch (noodles, rice, bread, potatoes, etc) would taste good in a deep-fried wonton skin. I guess in reality this post is not actually “part one” because I’ve already tried this with Nutella, Nutella and banana, bacon/cream cheese, and samosa filling. But this time I had some friends to help me. Plus, a friend recently purchased a deep fryer so that made the actual step of frying them much much easier.

This time around we made one batch of “regular” wontons (ground turkey + napa cabbage), one batch of “chicken alfredo” wontons, and one batch of “poutine” wontons. I didn’t really measure anything so sadly I can’t post a real recipe, but I can at least talk about what went into each of the “fusion” wontons.

Chicken alfredo: this usually comes in the form of chicken, broccoli and white sauce over pasta (often fettucine). So to make chicken alfredo wontons, I used small pieces of chicken and broccoli with just enough alfredo sauce to cover everything (if you use too much, they’ll be soggy). For this I ended up using packages of pre-cooked, grilled chicken, bottled white sauce, and the tops of two crowns of broccoli.
Verdict: theory still holds.

Poutine: poutine is a dish that originated in Canada that consists of fries topped with cheese curds, gravy (usually a poultry gravy, i.e., chicken or turkey), and maybe some kind of meat. To make poutine wontons I stuffed the wonton skin with mashed potato, 1-3 cheese curds (depending on the size), and a sprinkle of bacon bits. After frying, dip in gravy (used turkey gravy this time) before consuming.
Verdict: theory still holds.

As of now I’ve tried 6 or so different kinds of wontons (not counting regular wontons), and so far the theory still holds. Some ideas for the future include: taco wontons (filled with ground beef and cheese, served with salsa, sour cream and guacamole), lasagna wontons (filled with ground beef, red sauce, ricotta and mozzarella), and apple pie wontons (filled with diced apples cooked in brown sugar and cinnamon, dusted with cinnamon sugar after frying). If anyone has other creative ideas for things that would be delicious in a wonton, I’m open to suggestions!


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