A Different Slow Cooker Chicken Curry


Almost a half a year later and I’m finally posting something new! It’s not that I haven’t been cooking, I just haven’t been documenting things.

Not really sure what to say… a lot has happened in the last six months, but nothing particularly that I feel the need to share in this blog.

I’ve been to many weddings lately. I went to my cousin’s wedding in California in April, a friend from Madison’s wedding in Milwaukee in June, a different friend from Madison’s wedding in Whitewater in July, and a friend from college and family friend’s wedding (to each other) this past weekend. Additionally, I have two other college friends’ wedding (to each other) in Bozeman (MT) in a few weeks and a high school friend’s wedding in Massachusetts in September. But I’m not certain I’m going to either of those two yet. Sooooo many weddings. They’ve all been really fun so far though.

This past week I took some time off from work and went home for about a week. It was nice to be home and see the family and catch up with old friends and eat really good Chinese food (xiaolongbao, dim sum, etc – stuff that doesn’t really exist in Madison!). I also went shopping with my mom and ended up with a leather jacket, a new dress, and a sweet pair of Converse. I also inherited my parents’ iPad (apparently they weren’t really utilizing it), that I am currently using to write this post.

Basically since moving to Wisconsin, my Sunday routine has become church, lunch, sports, then cooking dinner for most of the people at sports. The weather has been really nice lately. Normally I “play” basketball, frisbee, or tennis. And by “play” I mean I practice my shot (I finally learned how to shoot a basketball properly!), I toss a frisbee around, or I just hit a tennis ball around with people. I’ve decided that I hate competition, so I don’t really like to play games.

In terms of cooking, there are usually anywhere from 11-25 people who come by to eat. That means we usually end up making pasta because it’s the easiest thing to cook in bulk. Some of the other things we’ve done are lasagna (technically also pasta, but different because it’s harder to make), quesadillas, and kimchi fried rice. I’ve also gotten really into zucchini and asparagus. I never liked those vegetables as a kid, but recently I’ve found that I really like them. I did find out that my mom actually hates zucchini, which is probably why I never really gave it a chance either.

This week I finally decided that I should try a new recipe and actually take a picture so I could finally update this blog. This barely counts though because I didn’t actually do any of the food prep. Some friends got all the ingredients, chopped all the vegetables, and dumped it all in the slow cooker. I just watched and told them to add the coconut milk (my friend was not going to add it because he knows I don’t really like coconut milk. It’s true, but I find it tastes ok in curries). So I helped, right? Right.

I thought it came out quite well. A couple comments I would make:
1) We ended up leaving out the cayenne pepper and the peas. I would add those both back in. We left out the cayenne pepper because a fair number of our friends can’t eat spicy food and we left out the peas because there wasn’t room in the slow cooker. I think the curry would have been quite good with those ingredients added in.

2) We were rushed on time so we cooked it on high for a little less than 4 hours. This caused the sweet potatoes to be a little hard. If I try this recipe again I will make sure to leave enough time so that I can cook it on low for 8-10 hours.

I’m feeling too lazy to re-type the ingredients/steps, so I’m just going to put a link to The Lemon Bowl. We ended up tripling the recipe I think.

Hopefully I’ll be better about updating in the future, but I make no promises.


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