Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with Tim Tams

It’s a Wednesday night (well, Thursday morning). It’s past midnight. Why am I not in bed? I’ll tell you why – I’m headed out to my alma mater tomorrow for a recruiting trip! I’m sooooo excited! Traveling tomorrow, career fair on Friday, then chillin’ for the weekend with old friends!

This week has felt so long… and it’s only Wednesday. Had family group tonight, studied Romans 7… always an interesting passage to read.

I’m actually really tired, so I’m going to wrap this up. I came across this recipe in my routine browse through Tastespotting and Foodgawker and it made me think of a friend here who’s from Australia, so I showed it to him. He hooked me up with some Tim Tams so I decided I had to try the recipe.

A few notes:
– I only use 10 Tim Tams, so 20 cookies. All the other ingredient amounts were the same. I only had 11 to begin with (they come in packs of 11) but I ate one because I’d never had one before. They’re quite good by themselves too.
– Because of the first note, I thought the cookie-to-Tim-Tam ratio was a little too high. The mix of the cookie and Tim Tam together is really good, but you have to eat too much plain cookie to get to it.
– There was no temperature listed, so I ended up baking at 375 degrees for around 12-15 minutes.
– They were delicious, but there was also ice cream, red velvet cake and apple pie at family group today, so I have leftovers. College friends (if you’re reading this), I’m bringing a bunch of these with me tomorrow. Find me!

Not going to repost the recipe. Just follow the directions from The Cherry on Top.


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