Bailey’s Cheesecake

Today was my friend/future roommate’s 22nd birthday. We did the obligatory trip to the Nitty Gritty, a restaurant that everyone goes to on their birthday. The food isn’t that great, but you get a free mug and free drinks on your birthday, so it’s a pretty popular spot. Sadly I was planning, so it was a small “party” (not really a party, just dinner)… I’m not good at planning things… and it really stresses me out to be in charge of planning things… I guess I should work on that.

Anyway, I’m not sure why, but I decided to make a cheesecake. Maybe it’s because another friend recently gave me his springform pan. I’m not generally a huge fan of cheesecake, and they’re definitely not my forte when it comes to desserts/baking, but I thought it’d be interesting to try and this recipe got great ratings and sounded pretty delicious.

I followed this recipe from and it turned out alright. Throughout the process I was kind of scared that it was going to turn out horribly. I don’t own a handmixer or a stand mixer (weird given that I cook a lot), so mixing all the ingredients was pretty difficult. It certainly didn’t seem “well-blended” or “smooth” to me.

I also went to rock out with the Urbana 12 worship team and hear Paul Tokunaga speak and in the middle of the evening, so after mixing everything I shoved the bowl in the fridge and ran off for a few hours.

When I came back, I put the cake in the oven, and put a large water bath on the rack below it. I was reading lots of comments on the recipe about how that was supposed to prevent cracks, but sadly when I opened the oven there was a GIANT crack right in the middle! 😦 To cover it up I stealthily spread Cool Whip* on top and drizzled some chocolate sauce. All in all I think it’s a pretty good recipe. I hope my friend thinks so too- happy birthday!

*Normally I never would use Cool Whip because making homemade whipped cream is so easy and delicious (just whip heavy cream, powdered sugar and vanilla extract together) but I was under a time contraint and as I mentioned before, I don’t have a handmixer or stand mixer, which would have made whipping the cream rather difficult.


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  1. skim
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 05:20:49

    Yum. Also, just saw the gorgeous pictures of you in bridesmaid’s gear on FB!! Adorbs.


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