Em & Em Cocktail

I’m currently lying in bed in a hotel in Cleveland (well, North Olmsted really). It took us about 10 hours, of which I drove 4, to get here and we had another 8 hours or so ahead of us tomorrow.

Haha. About the drink. I don’t really know what to say about this drink. I made it with my friend who shares my name… hence the name of the drink. I actually looked up the ingredients to make sure the drink didn’t exist already. I doesn’t. How did we come up with it? We just put in whatever we could find and it was pretty delicious. I’m usually not that into vodka or rum (I’m more of a gin fan) but raspberry vodka is really sweet and combined with ginger ale, and lemon/lime juice, you can barely taste the alcohol. But be careful… even though you can’t really taste it, there are 2 shots in there! Drink responsibly!!

1 shot raspberry vodka
1 shot rum
ginger ale
ice cubes
lemon juice
lime juice

Fill glass with ice cubes. Add vodka and rum, then top off with ginger ale.

Add a splash of lemon and lime juice, and serve immediately.

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