Nutella Wontons

Whenever I tell people I made Nutella wontons, their reaction is usually one of confusion or disgust. I guess the two words don’t really go together. Nutella, obviously, is a sweet, hazelnut chocolate spread, and wontons are an Asian dumplings filled with meat and vegetables and stuff (i.e., salty). So to put those two concepts together, I guess it’s not that hard to see why it would evoke the aforementioned emotions.

I assure you, though, that this recipe involves neither meat nor vegetables. It involves wonton skins (which are basically just dough and have no flavor of their own), Nutella, and powdered sugar.

Anyway, I saw this recipe on one of those sites I browse, and I thought they looked and sounded delicious. As I mentioned in my last post, I was making regular wontons (with the meat and vegetables) and happened to have 5 skins left over when I ran out of the meat/vegetable filling.

I also happened to have Nutella and oil (for frying). What I didn’t have was powdered sugar, but luckily one of my housemates (I wasn’t really friends with her at the time, but we’re friends now) had some and she happily lent me some in exchange for one Nutella wonton.

These wontons were so good that I ended up making them for two luncheons at my church in W-town. The first time I made an entire pack of 50 and they disappeared so fast I think I only managed to get my hands on one. The second time I made a double batch (*gasp* 100 Nutella wontons?!?! … yeah with 1 frying pan, it took forever.) and had a few left over. I brought those to a freshmen Bible study gathering where they got devoured by the kiddies.

So in conclusion, these dessert wontons are amazing and you should definitely make them for your next gathering!

Recipe from Handle the Heat.

wonton skins
Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread
vegetable oil
powdered sugar

Place a spoonful of Nutella in the middle of a wonton skin (be careful not to put too much or it will burst!). Brush 2 adjacent edges of the skin with water and fold in half diagonally into a triangle.

Heat a frying pan and when pan is heated, add a layer of oil, about enough to cover the bottom. Place wontons in a single layer, and fry until crispy (about 45 sec – 1 min per side).

Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve hot.


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